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Allbirds Tree Dashers running shoes in mint/Cyclone

As a sustainable fashion blogger, I’m commonly asked for recommendations on ethical and sustainable brands. Here’s a list of brands that I’ve vetted. None of these brands is perfect, but based on my research, I think they’re doing good things for the planet and its people, and are willing to improve.

This is a work-in-progress, as I don’t buy much clothing and do my best to vet each brand before adding it to the list. If you’d like to see a certain brand here, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll check it out!

If you want to learn how to research brands, see my post on how to tell if a brand is sustainable or greenwashing.

Some of these are affiliate links, meaning that I earn a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you. This income allows me to keep creating educational content on sustainable fashion. If you can, please always shop your closet, swap, or shop secondhand before buying new. 

Use this collapsible table of contents to jump to the best section for you!

More Affordable 

Pact—clothes made from GOTS-certified and Fair Trade cotton (masculine- and feminine-presenting options). Note: I’ve tried their leggings and found them thin. Mine ripped at the seams within a few months, though I did buy mine in good used condition. Just wanted to share this in case you were thinking of getting leggings. Others seem to have had good experience with other pieces.

For Days—organic cotton clothes with a closed loop model; you can send old clothes of their brand and any brand back for recycling. (masculine- and feminine-presenting options)

Everlane is not on this list because of their greenwashing and unethical labor practices.

Don’t forget secondhand sites and platforms, too:

Not as Affordable but Still Great Brands

Dazey LA—colorful clothing and fun prints made from organic and recyled materials. Workers are paid a living wage.

Kotn—Canadian company that invests in the Egyptian cotton farming community; certified B Corp (masculine and feminine-presenting options)

Whimsy + Row—feminine and modern clothing made with natural materials in small batches by workers who are paid fair wages

MATE the Label—Loungewear and super chic jumpsuits made from sustainable materials like certified organic cotton, linen, and TENCEL. Manufactured locally in the US with a commitment to fair wages and workers’ rights.

Outerknown—clothing for active lifestyles made by workers who are paid a fair wage (masculine and feminine-presenting options)

Mayamiko—bold pieces made from locally-sourced fabric in Malawi by artisans who are paid a living wage. (use code LILYFANG10 for 10% off)

Tentree—Canadian company that plants 10 trees per item sold; certified B Corp (masculine and feminine-presenting options)

Two Days Off—Carbon-neutral clothing brand owned by a Black woman climate scientist

Patagonia—Quality activewear often made with recycled or organic materials. Encourages customers to buy only what they need, and also offers a used clothing selection and workshops on fixing your clothes. (masculine and feminine-presenting options)

Colorful Standard—Colorful organic cotton basics manufactured locally in Portugal in a vertically-integrated factory. Has both masculine and feminine styles, though basically everything is pretty gender-neutral (use code IMPERFECTIDEALISTCS10 for 10% off)

More Size-inclusive

Loud Bodies (up to 10X)—gorgeous flowy dresses made from natural materials in a small atelier in Romania

Anne Mulaire (up to 6X)—Canadian and Indigenous-owned brand with quality basics and workleisure. Pays all seamstresses a living wage with benefits. Zero-waste and circular. Use code LILY15 for 15% off. 

Eileen Fisher (up to 3X)—Certified B Corp with sleek, minimalisstic pieces 

Girlfriend Collective (up to 6X, but runs small, so more like a 4X)—Activewear made from recycled water bottles; SA8000 certified factory and Oeko-tex certified fabric

Tradlands (up to 5X)—Cozy knits and flowy dresses made by workers who are paid a living wage. For first-time customers, use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST15 for 15% off. 

Hackwith Design House (up to 4X)—Gorgeous staple pieces sewn in-house in Minnesota

CHNGE (up to 4X)—Edgy streetwear made from certified organic cotton in factories with various fair labor certifications

Christy Dawn (up to 3X)—Flowy floral dresses crafted locally in the US by workers who are paid a living wage

Free Label (up to 4X)—loungewear cut and sewn in Canada (the owners frequently visit the factory)

Made in the USA

“Made in America” clothing isn’t always ethical, but here are some brands doing it right.

Miakoda—size-inclusive loungewear made in NYC

Harvest & Mill—loungewear grown and sewn in the US

MATE the Label—size-inclusive made in the US

Small box with two pairs of Knickey underwear, one in white and one in black


See my guide to sustainable underwear for a more in-depth look at these brands.

Boody—Bamboo viscose and organic cotton undies & loungewear made in a closed-loop system and in WRAP-certified factories (super comfy, I really like their full brief undies). Sizes 2XL-4XL in some styles.

Organic Basics—B Corp using sustainable and innovative fabrics, like TENCEL (use code LILYOBX for 10% off)

Knickey—underwear made from certified organic cotton in Fair Trade factories. Offers both neutral and fun colors. Recycle your old underwear from any brand to get a free pair of Knickey! (also use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST for 10% off)

WAMA—sturdy briefs and boxers made from organic cotton and hemp. Goes up to a 3XL, but runs a bit small across the board, so I’d recommend ordering a size up.

Girlfriend Collective—(up to 6XL, closer to a real 4XL) seamless underwear made from recycled water bottles in an SA8000 certified factory

Allbirds—(up to 3XL) basics made from a unique blend of natural and innovative materials including TENCEL, Lyocell, and responsible wool.

Pact—more affordable organic cotton underwear made in a Fair Trade factory

HARA—Australian brand making loungewear and undies from sustainable materials like Lyocell

Qrucifix—lingerie made from plant-dyed deadstock fabrics; sewn by the owner in the UK

Parade—(up to 3XL) and vibrantly-colored underwear made from recycled materials. Edit: Since posting, I have been told that Parade has not been great about paying microinfluencers and their undies have caused several people yeast infections. Please proceed with caution.


Thousand Fell—closed-loop vegan sneakers made from natural materials

Cariuma—Brazilian brand with canvas sneakers made from recycled and natural materials.

Allbirds—B Corp with sneakers made from sustainable materials (instead of synthetics). Even has carbon-neutral running shoes (first photo in post). See my full review of the Allbirds Tree Dashers. Use my affiliate link to get a free pair of socks with any shoe or clothing purchase, other than underwear (add socks and the other item to your cart).

Rothy’s—Shoes and bags made from recycled plastic.


Patagonia (suits/trunks)—majority Fair Trade sewn swimwear made from recycled materials. Some pieces are reversible!

Outerknown (suits/trunks)—swimwear made from recycled materials, with long-sleeve and legging options in the women’s styles. Men’s styles are Fair Trade, and women’s are ethically made in California, with repairs and recycling offered.

Organic Basics (suits/trunks)—classic styles made from recycled materials. Organic Basics is one of the most transparent brands and lists their suppliers + benefits/certificates of each.

Girlfriend (up to 6X, closer to a real 4X)—swimwear made from recycled materials and solid but fun colors. Bottoms are said to be a little cheeky. Sewn in an SA8000 certified factory where workers are paid a living wage.

Vitamin A Swim—swimwear made from recycled nylon in fun colors. Sewn in the US and workers are paid fair wages.

Hackwith Design (up to 4X)—gorgeous swimwear in wrap styles made from recycled materials and sewn in-house in Minnesota

Tomboy X (gender-neutral, up to 6X)—sports bra and bike short style swimwear. Not made from recycled materials, but the factory runs on recycled water and renewable energy. Would like to see more transparency around labor ethics.

MIGA Swimwear—adaptive swimwear made from recycled materials and sewn in the US (they visit the manufacturer and have a personal relationship with them)

Peachy Keen Swim (up to 5X)—classic bikinis made from recycled materials. Workers are paid fair wages.

Con Carino Design—floral bikinis and one-pieces made from recycled materials by a small team of Venezualan women, with 25% of each purchase going to provide health and educational services to rural Venezualan communities.

Kitty and Vibe (up to 3X)—suits with 2 butt sizes in each size up, with some styles made from recycled materials. Workers are paid above minimum wage and have retirement plans and healthcare.

Nettle’s Tale (up to 4X)—suits in fun patterns made from recycled materials in Vancouver. Has a retro vibe with the high-waisted styles.

Jewelry + Accessories

Baggu—reusable bags, fanny packs, and backpacks made with 40-59% recycled nylon. Factories are audited yearly.

Dear Survivor—upcycled jewelry made by refugee artisans and other artisans in the US

SnowdropAccessories (body, boob, and vulva-shaped earrings)—small WOC-owned Etsy business

MidnightCashewCrafts—handmade mushroom earrings from Scotland

LuciaGold—curated vintage jewelry from California

Kind Karma Co—Canadian company with fine jewelry made by marginalized young folks who are paid a living wage. Use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST for 15% off.

2 Degrees East—conscious analog watch brand made from conflict-free metals 

Genusee—glasses made from recycled bottles in Flint, Michigan. Can recycle any old glasses with them. Use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST10 for 10% off.

Pela Case—compostable phone cases (they also recycle old cases!)

Makeup + Skincare

Eco Amical—handmade, zero-waste cosmetics by my friend and creator Christine. Asian-owned and based in Canada.

Zerra & Co—vegan, natural, and low-waste cosmetics from Baltimore.

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