Boody Underwear Review—One Year Later

July 28, 2022

Close up of the Boody full brief

Boody Eco Wear is one of the more affordable sustainable brands. This Australian brand is available globally, and it’s best-known for its comfortable basics made from bamboo. 

I was gifted a couple items from Boody last year, and I went on to purchase from them twice afterwards. This review will go over Boody’s sustainability as a company, as well as the durability, comfort, and fit of their undies. 

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I earn a small commission from any purchases through those links. 

Boody’s Sustainability and Ethics

Most of Boody’s pieces are made from bamboo viscose, which isn’t always a sustainable fabric due to the solvents needed to soften the bamboo. That said, Boody uses non-toxic solvents and a closed-loop water system, making the process more sustainable. Their factories are also compliant with ISO 14001 standards, which help organizations reduce their environmental impact.

The bamboo itself is grown without pesticides and fertilizers, and the vast majority of Boody’s pieces are knitted in tubes, reducing fabric waste by 20%.

Ethics-wise, Boody’s factories are WRAP-certified for responsible treatment of workers. They are also a B Corp, which is a company-wide social responsibility certification. While these certifications are great, I’d still love to see more information about their suppliers and wages. Still, this is more information and reassurance than most companies provide about their manufacturing process.

In terms of diversity and inclusivity, Boody features models of different sizes and ethnicities. They offer some extended sizing for their feminine styles up to 4XL, and their masculine styles run from S to XL. Boody also offers baby clothing, which can be hard to come by from sustainable brands.

Boody’s products ship plastic-free, and while most products simply have paper packaging, any disposable garment bags are compostable.

Boody Underwear – My Experience After One Year

Boody full brief in a tan color

I was gifted a Full Brief in the color Nude 2, and I went on to buy another of the same item, as well as a four-pack of the Midi Brief in Nude 0. 

I’ve tried several sustainable underwear brands, and Boody has been my absolutely favorite. Here’s why I love their pieces:

  • The coverage is pretty full: the gusset is just the right width, and the back of the undies also keeps you wedgie-free.
  • High-quality fabric: I like that the fabric is thick enough to feel secure, but not so thick that it doesn’t breathe. The fabric almost feels like it’s gently hugging your skin—it’s just that comfortable.
  • Seamless and tagless waistband: the waistband doesn’t dig in or cause any discomfort.
  • Fair pricing: both the Full and Midi Brief cost $16 each, but you can buy a 4-pack for $55 ($13.75 each). This is pretty on-par with mainstream brands that offer “fancier” underwear. To save even more, check Boody’s socials for sales.
  • True to size: I’m 5’4″ and 125-130lbs (56.7-59kg), and I got a size small. They fit just right.

Boody midi brief on top of the full brief

The Full Brief comes up to just below the belly button while the Midi Brief sits a couple inches below. When I’m wanting fuller coverage, I go for the Full Brief, but the Midi Brief is just right for day-to-day wear.

After more than one year, my Full Brief is still holding up extremely well. There’s just some slight pilling on the fabric, but nothing too bad. I typically don’t dry my clothing, but when I’m home with my family, everything gets thrown in the dryer. I think that if the undies hadn’t been heat dried at all, they’d be in even better shape (to make your clothing last longer, check out my sustainable care tips).

close-up of the Boody full brief in Nude 2

If you’re wanting to shop Boody, it would mean a lot if you used my affiliate link. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!


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